Did you know that not every plumber is a gasfitter?

It’s true but here at Red Beard Plumbing we are, and we look forward to your call today. When it comes to gas you want peace of mind to know that you and your family are safe, with over 20 years’ experience in the gas industry you’ll know that you’re in good hands from the moment you pick up the phone.

Our fully qualified gas fitters will:

  • Arrive promptly to a site, in the case of an emergency threating life or property we have a 1hr response time.
  • Will assess your job and provide you with options on all repair/maintenance work.
  • Undertake all works to meet Gas Standard AG5601 and provide you with a gas compliance certificate and gas data plate.

Gas Fitting

Gas hot water?

We have you covered check out our hot water specialist page, Don’t have gas? Don’t worry we can help, call us today to arrange a site visit and we can design a gas system for your needs.

Some of the gas work services we offer are:

  • Gas compliance testing and certification.
  • Outdoor BBQ’s
  • Gas hot water services storage, instantaneous in either LPG or Natural Gas.
  • Cooktops, freestanding ovens.
  • Commercial kitchens and appliances.
  • Pool and Spa heaters.
  • Gas heaters.
  • Marine and caravan gasfitting works.
  • Gas bottle set ups, regulators, pipe work and much, much more.

Marine Gas?

Yes we do that too, having trouble finding a marine gasfitter call Red Beard Plumbing today.

Working on boats and caravans is different to a house, how?
It comes under a different standard and requires more specialised work, we couldn’t call ourselves Red Beard Plumbing if we didn’t work on boats could we?