Red Beard Plumbing are Hot Water Specialists!

What’s a hot water specialist?

Not to toot our own horn but we are, with over 20 years of experience we have repaired, replaced and installed 100’s of hot water systems for our happy customers.

There is nothing worse than coming home to no hot water especially in the middle of winter, by calling Red Beard Plumbing you can be confident that we will fix your problem, our tradesman are plumbers, gasfitters, restricted electricians who hold endorsements in solar and heat pump hot water services.

So no matter what system you have we are qualified to service, repair, replace or upgrade.

Do you know how to isolate your hot water service in an emergency? Click here to see our tutorial.

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Electric Hot Water

Electric Hot Water Services such as Rheem, Vulcan, Dux, Rinnai or Aquamax to name a few, these are the most common units found in your home they come in sizes from 25L up to 400L which are powered by an electrical element and thermostat or in single and three phases instantaneous. As restricted electricians we are not only qualified to replace these units if they are leaking, we can diagnose service and repair any valves or electrical heating equipment.

Gas Hot Water

Gas Hot Water Services such as Rinnai, Bosch, Dux or Rheem to name a few, these systems either come in the most common form which is the electric instantaneous which is the smaller box on the wall or the gas storage heater which has a burner similar to a cooktop in the base and stores the heated water and looks more like your traditional electric hot water service. As experienced gasfitters and restricted electricians we are not only qualified to replace these units but can also diagnose, repair and service your gas hot water service.

Heat Pump Hot Water

Heat Pump hot water services, heat pumps simply put are an air conditioning unit running in reverse to use ambient air temperature to create hot water. Red Beard Plumbing were proud to become a licenced distributor, dealer and service agent of Sanden Heat Pumps, the most advanced and efficient hot water system on the market today.
Click the image below to watch the video on how does it work?

Heat Pump Hot Water

Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water Services produce hot water from the sun, they come in two styles a split system which has your solar panels on the roof and a tank on the ground or a complete on roof system which your tank and panels are on the roof. Solar hot water is a great way to reduce your power bill and take advantage of the great south-east and the weather. We have experience in servicing and installing systems such as Solahart, SolarArk, Apricus, Rheem, Rinnai, Dux and many more.

Solar Hot Water